Anchor watch

Anchor watch is my Android application that does exactly what the title says and a little more. I have
created it because none of existing apps had all the features I needed. Creating this app was fun and I
have learned a lot about developing apps on Android.

It monitors location of the anchor and alertsthe user if the boat drifts too far from it.

Features of the app that are worth mentioning:

  • Shows GPS location
  • Shows GPS accuracy
  • Allows you to set anchor
  • Monitors current distance to anchor
  • Alerts you in case you drift to far from anchor
  • Sends SMS if you drift to far away
  • Responds to SMS keyword with status
  • Offers you to select sound alarm
  • Allows setting maximum drift with SMS
  • Allows setting exclusion zones
  • Uses device’s compass to set the anchor even if you are not located directly above it
  • Draws history positions over map (might consume a lot of RAM if it’s run for a long time as data has to be saved somewhere)
  • Setting minimum required GPS accuracy – data with smaller accuracy is ignored (by default this value is set to 35 meters)

If you would like to test the app, you can download it for free from Google Play, simply click this link